Friday 29 August 2014

Matilda and Specs

I hope that you are all keeping well and looking forward to the weekend.

Unfortunately, I have been feeling very blah for the last few weeks due to a bad dose of the flu and bronchitis which has left me with very little energy. Thankfully, I am starting to get back on my feet again. This mixed media piece reflects that along with a bad case of bed hair!! I blame the flannelette winter sheets!

Matilda has evolved from a girl I created in 2013 in an artwork called "Daydream". This latest version of her still has the deadpan look but this time with a little bit of an attitude taken from the stereotypical moody teenager. I also enjoyed creating the polar opposite of her personality in Specs the dog, her happy go lucky companion.

I have had hit and misses with image transfer techniques in the past but I thought I would give it another go for the background. I believe there are other ways of doing image transfer techniques but in this instance, I used an ink jet printer and Golden soft gel matte medium. I am delighted with the result and how it has the feel of faded wallpaper.

Acrylics, watersoluble crayons and watercolour pencils were the art supplies used for the main figures and elements. The reverse of Matilda in the mirror was achieved using a pencil and tracing paper.

This finished piece makes me smile and who knows maybe these two might make an appearance again some time.

Comments are encouraged and welcomed.

Until next time, Happy Creating!