Wednesday 30 September 2015

Collaboration Time

In the last few weeks, I have been working on a couple of projects with my good friend Michelle. As mentioned in the previous post "Sculptures", one of the projects is a mini sculpture or 'diorama" box and is based on one of my illustrations "Ladybird on Strawberries".

Michelle creates adorable, unique and one of a kind fairy doors, fairy houses and tiny furniture out of polymer clay. Check out her Facebook page Inspired by Fae. Michelle sculpted the ladybird on strawberries, baked it and then handed it over to me for painting.

Once all the painting was finished, I glued the tendrils and the completed piece onto a similar watercolour background as in the original illustration.

I think we managed to get it pretty close to the original! It is cool to see one of my illustrations 'come out of the page' so to speak.

After a great afternoon of creativity, tips and chat, I went home with clay in hand to see what inspiration would come next. It is a long time since I have worked with polymer clay... but I think I can feel a Halloween piece coming on!

I have also just finished illustrating some tags for Michelle's shop. These will accompany the purchased items. 

I made a couple of small changes on the computer. How cute are they?

Now on to my next project! Time always seems to get away from me, or perhaps I have too many projects going on in the background! How about you? Do you have any creative projects you aim to complete before the end of this year?

Until next time, Happy Creating!