Thursday, 31 October 2013

Halloween - Wednesday Addams and Scaredy Cat

Halloween has always been one of my favourite times of the year growing up. The costumes were not very elaborate but I remember always having lots of fun and eating many sweet treats. Luckily it was only once a year, probably not great for the teeth!

I seem to like the more quirky and slightly darker side of Halloween, so here are a few quick rough sketches. I decided to go with a cuter version of Wednesday Addams from the old TV show "The Addams Family". It tickles my funny bone, pun intended.

Tearing and gluing down scrapbook papers and script tissue paper in typical Halloween shades of orange.

Filling in the background with acrylics.

Turning my attention to the main characters and getting more of a feel of the piece with acrylics and caran d'ache watersoluble crayons.

Nearly finished, I put in a little strong light here and there, adding to the details as I am going. I turn to the background again. I decided on a stamp in black ink to frame the edge of the paper and to give it more texture. A Q-tip rubbed in the permanent ink pad makes a good black dot. To balance the picture out, I painted in the bats, it also creates a bit more interest and movement.

This was a nice little project to work on. It is fun for me to create something a little spooky every now and then, Who is your favourite Halloween character and why?

Comments are welcomed and encouraged.

Until next time, happy creating and have a Great Halloween!


  1. So cute, I love Halloween, too. Love the colors the costumes the weather and oh, yeah, the candy! May try one of these later! Thanks for sharing your cute little monster!

    1. Thanks Jackie, yes it was a quick project to work on. We have had lots of cute looking Halloween monsters calling to our door with candy bags in tow already this evening!

  2. Serena, how nice to see all the process which I never imagined looking at the finished photo. This is so lovely, so full of life and fun, you're a real inspiration!

    1. Thanks Marta, I enjoyed working on it and bringing a little bit of fun to the piece. x

  3. See??? THIS is why YOU are an ARTIST - and i am part of the amazed "ooooh, ahhh" crowd . . . even when you share all the magic bits - it's STILL Impressive!
    thanks & Happy Day!