Monday 31 August 2015


I hope you all have had a lovely weekend! I forgot to post these wonderful fun contemporary bronze sculptures by Gillie and Marc taken at one of our local shopping malls. I love the concept of these quirky sculptures and could see other shoppers were equally delighted by them. Which one is your favourite?

Paparazzi Dog

Michael "Dog" Jackson

Dorothy "Cat"

Arnie "Stag" Schwarzenegger

Dr. "Bear Evil"

Jessica "Rabbit" Rabbit

I have been involved in a collaboration with a little mini sculpture of sorts. More about that on an upcoming post.

Until next time, Happy Creating!


  1. Serena, these sculptures are amazing!!! they must stop people in their tracks, so clever and beautiful, thank you for sharing them!

    1. Thanks Marta, the sculptures were only there for a short time and it was great to see them in such an unusual setting. x

  2. Wonderful post! My two picks (Taurus' cannot ever just pick Cat and bunny sculpture...wouldn't they be lovely in my garden!

    Look forward to seeing your sculptures too.

    1. Absolutely, I am sure they would look terrific in your garden and would make a great conversation piece! My favourite is Jessica Rabbit, gotta love those curves. x