Saturday 17 September 2016

Monet's House and Gardens

As mentioned in my previous post 'Looking for Wonderland', we went back to Ireland for our eldest son's wedding. Our trip was magical in more ways than one!

Have you ever met your idol only to be disappointed? Not in this case, my idol since my teenage years has been the famous impressionist painter Claude MonetI felt incredibly lucky to stand in front of his paintings in Paris some years later. Taking in every stroke and movement of colour, getting lost in his beautiful waterlily masterpieces.

Lady luck would appear to be on my side once more as myself and my husband got the opportunity to visit France again on this recent trip. Of course, Monet's House and Gardens was top of the list.

We took advantage of the glorious weather, hired bicycles and cycled the 30 minutes to Giverny. has been about 23 years since both of us were on bicycles, so as you can imagine we were a bit shaky and wobbly to say the least for the first few minutes. We soon found our balance, breathing the fresh air and taking in all the delights the French countryside had to offer.

Monet's House and Gardens was all I expected and more! No wonder Monet spent a lot of his time there, I would not want to leave either!

Surrounded by so much colour and beauty in the gardens, I was inspired to do this little watercolour flower wreath. I have to agree with Monet's quote " I must have flowers, always and always". I could never tire of looking at all of the amazing flowers mother nature has to offer, no matter where I am.

Trying out ideas and colours with my lovely watercolour set I was given by a gorgeous artist friend.

We took many photos while there, here is a small snippet of them. Monet was a big fan of colour, which was evident throughout the house and gardens. The cat sculpture is for my sister, she loves cats!

I had to include these two adorable diorama boxes they were selling in the gift shop. Look at the detail, just amazing! I would love to have brought them home with me, however, I am very content with the happy memories of our time there.

Have you any special places or things you would like to tick off your bucket list?

I decided to try out a new format with the photos, leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Enjoy your weekend, I hope you can join me next time for our visit to Versailles.

Until then, Happy Creating!

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