Friday, 2 May 2014

The Little Painter

For this piece, I was inspired by the theatre. The little master painter seeing to all the details and translating the director's vision into this whimsy dream set. Of course she needs help bringing this together with her assistant who diligently works away under her supervision.

They have to work quickly if the set is going to be ready in time for the opening night! After all, those extra details bring the story to life creating mood and atmosphere.


Layers of black, white and grey acrylic paint were applied onto the acrylic texture paper with a palette knife. Even though I love this look, I felt it was a bit overpowering for what I had in mind. 

I softened the background and then added textural elements in the form of the stencilled writing, paint spraying and splattering.

Scrapbook paper was glued down for the moon. A couple of kiss curls appeared giving her a 1920's feel! I might have overworked her, as I would have liked the text to be more pronounced.

This cute mouse assistant took on a little dramatic pose as he paints the star.

A combination of art materials were used; colour and watercolour pencils to pick up the grain of the paper along with carn d'ache watersoluble crayons and acrylic paint for the most part. A fine pointed paintbrush is ideal when working on details.

I am happy to say the little painter and her trusty assistant finished everything on time and are now working on an elaborate fairytale scene. 

Comments are welcomed and encouraged. Have a lovely weekend. 

Until next time, Happy Creating!


  1. This is so lovely! I wish I could draw and paint. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thank you so much Kay, I fully believe we all can draw and paint, really it is all down to practice and perseverance.

    Thanks again for taking the time to stop by. x

  3. What a joyous painting that makes us all happy. you are a storyteller.

    1. Thanks Wendy, you are very sweet! I have always loved art where it leaves you wanting to know more about the characters or what is happening around them. x

  4. So cute!! And really nice and detailed execution.

    1. Thank you Iris, it was a pleasure to work on. x