Tuesday 29 July 2014

Ladybird Fairy

What do you do when a ladybird fairy lands in your flower garden? Invite her in for tea of course!

I did a digital version of this cutie a couple of years ago and what with a special little granddaughter's 1st birthday coming up I wanted to see what she would look like as a mixed media collage piece. My original inspiration was a little wooden doll I made in the first year of Life Book with red boots, striped black and white stockings in a black tutu! Also I have been making ladybird embellishments for my scrapbook pages. I have always considered myself to be an art and craft gal at heart. I really want to complete a couple of my albums, so that has taken up my time recently. A couple of new gadgets have made it really fun.


Once the image of the fairy and flower were drawn onto the 140lb hot pressed watercolour paper, I masked the four sides of the image with low tack tape to give a nice crisp edge. I applied shades of teal acrylic paint to block in the background colour in a soft gradient. I could have included lots of texture here but my vision for this piece was a clean cut look with the two main elements as the focal points.

After carefully peeling off the low tack tape, the petals of the flower were cut out from old dictionary pages and glued down. 

Thin washes of gesso and detail colour gave the flower added depth with the print of the pages still coming through for added interest. Undiluted Gesso was applied to the fairy's hair, wings and wand as a good clean base before painting.

Layer by layer acrylic paint and watersoluble crayons bring the ladybird fairy to life. At this point I reassess everything and correct some tones and highlights in the areas that need it.

After a delightful tea and chat, it was time to wave the ladybird fairy on her way.I love how this mixed media version turned out and hope you do too.

Comments are welcomed and encouraged.

Until next time, Happy Creating!


  1. This is so beautiful and special! Love that you kept the flower uncolored and the texture of the petals (that petals are getting out of the picture, beautiful idea!), and your fairy is soooo beautiful made and colored and how lightly she holds the wand!!! And the sipmle teal backround gives a modern touch and works so great with the shabby elements!!! So many clever and beautiful ideas gathered!!! Happy to meet you!!!

    1. Happy to meet you too! I have been wanting to do this little ladybird fairy for a little while and our granddaughter's 1st birthday gave me the perfect excuse.

      Thank you for taking the time to stop by and leave your sweet comments. x

  2. This is gorgeous - I totally love it. I love the step by step info too. Gorgeous work :)

    1. Thanks Sarah, I appreciate your lovely comments and glad to hear you liked the step by step info. x