Wednesday 9 July 2014


"Flora" the goddess of plants and flowers, also known as the goddess of spring tends lovingly to all the glorious blooms bursting forth, many attracting the butterflies and busy bees that work in perfect unity to collect life's sweet nectar.

The inspiration behind this artwork is nurturing, growth and transformation. I started "Flora" the ancient Roman goddess of plants and flowers after a trip home to Ireland to meet our first granddaughter. For some reason I decided not to go any further than the base colours. As part of my commitment to myself this year, I promised to revisit unfinished pieces of my artwork and breathe new life back into them.

I chose the bright colours of the hibiscus flowers for their symbolism of joy, happiness and welcoming life into the world. I took artistic licence with the look of the bees, however they still represent family, hard work and coming together. The butterfly, one of my favourites stand for change and new possibilities. 

Acrylics, caran d'ache and watercolour pencils were used.

This piece is a reminder that no matter where I am, the beauty and miracle of nature is never far away. With our ever growing world, we all have a part to play to protect our natural planet for future generations to enjoy.

Comments are welcomed and encouraged.

Until next time, Happy Creating!


  1. the detail on the bees is so lovely, great to see the creative process from start to finish.

    1. I wanted to give the bees and butterfly a little bit of a personality as I felt they played an important part as well. There is something to be said about revisiting older artworks with fresh eyes and energy. I am glad you enjoyed the progress pics.

      Thanks Nayana for stopping by and leaving your sweet comments. x

  2. Wow what gorgeous detail! I really loved the close ups.

    1. Thanks Iris for your lovely comments. I am happy you like the close up pics, I couldn't resist showing the butterfly and bees with their little personalities as they were a joy to work on. x